Still Born (Collaboration w/ Mari Bennett - the Mummy Baby) Medium Mixed Media Size 24"x32"x12"

Featured Artist – Sue Moerder

I grew up in an Art home with a Photographer Father, an Elementary School Art Teacher Mother, and Artistic Sister and Brother. Art was always a huge part of my life so going to the Art school where my parents met was probably meant to be. I studied Illustration at Philadelphia College of Art (when it was called that) and then got side tracked in Advertising when I graduated.

Someday Baby Medium oil on canvas Size 70cmx80cm

Featured Artist – Goda Mačėnaitė

i was born to be a painter therefore i am one. when i paint i feel invincible. i feel life flowing through me. i feel a like a fraud and i love myself. i feel horrible, great and delusional all at the same time. its wonderful.
with all that in mind i work as a programmer during the day. oh life, you cruel, blind son of a bitch.
i dream of the day when i will be able to wake up and go my own, separate way.
but then i wake up, look through the window to the other windows in front of me, listen to the birds chirping, eat my buckwheats and go on with my life.

Outsider Art Magazine

Selected Artists – Issue Zero

Outsider Art Magazine is pleased to announce our selections for issue zero. Thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork for issue zero.

Family Portrait Medium Ink on Paper Size A4

Featured Artist – Simon Gower

To me, life is a most randomly beautiful experience. There is also much confusion and chaos. I have always struggled with dependency issues, but I have also been the luckiest man to ever have lived. There is a type of instability and volatility which has brought me all the heaven, and all the hell that one can imagine. It’s never normal, it’s either blissful ecstasy, or harrowing despair in this little experience of mine.

Birdlegs Medium Mixed media Size 900mmx600

Featured Artist – Jo Moore

I am a 49 year old womam from London, I have taught myself. I paint what I want how I want. Art therapy for my muddled mind and then I cook tea for the kids and walk the dog and think about stuff.

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