Issue Three | Selected Artists

Selected Artists | Issue Three Finally! We have selected our Artists for issue three. Congratulations to all the Artists who made the cut and thank you to everyone who submitted your art. On February 15, 2020, we will begin our new art submission process for issue four. We still have a few available spots remaining for our 2 page spreads.…

The Pools of Cryptomnesia (or the stars journey through Pisces to Aquarius) | Acrylic | 24inx30in

Featured Artist | Mitchell Pluto

I am inspired by accidental arrangements, pareidolia and dreams . These effects produce a quality of consciousness that makes art a magical journey for me. Much of my work is automatic , it happens while I do it. I enjoy this process of discovering a narrative. When I’m not painting, I’m busy making hand made jewelry.

Let Them Eat Cake | Oils on canvas | 52x42

Featured Artist | De’Ago Hidalgo

Featured Artist De’Ago Hidalgo | Jersey City, NJ @deagoart

The Skeptic | Pigment Print on Canvas | 24" x 30"

Featured Artist | Don Bergland

Don Bergland’s psychological creations rely upon the viewer’s internal ability to engage willingly in the process of metaphysical reflection. His dark images, featuring youthful characters, aged mentors, oddly assembled creatures, and quaintly juxtaposed objects, are rendered in precise detail in captured moments of frozen time, mechanical statements voicing eternity, death, childhood, and absurdity in the unfolding of the human drama, an uneasy combination laid before the viewer in a exposure of theatrical puppetry.

Confluence | mixed media on shaped panel | 72"x36"

Featured Artist | Peter Hess

Born in Amsterdam, Holland, my family emigrated to New York in the ’60s, eventually settling in Los Angeles. Art has occupied me from my earliest recollection. As a youngster, I would travel to the public library, return with 10 art books, devour them, then return for 10 more. Though I never had any formal training or, indeed, any sort of academic career, I educated myself through visits to museums and galleries, and, of course, by doing the work. Along with an intimacy with art, I have always considered it equally important and rewarding to maintain a bond with literature, music and the liberal arts. Every artist has to invent painting for themselves. I want to create compelling and original art, and have been fortunate to find outlets for my work along the way as well as support from some people who like what I do.

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