"A Seated Couple" | Acrylic on Canvas | 18x24 inches

Featured Artist | Royce Brown

My own work is deeply steeped in the European classical tradition, drawing much more inspiration in terms of form, lighting, composition, and atmosphere from the Renaissance and Baroque era than it draws from any contemporary art movement. It is completely figurative, with no abstraction, though with human figures that are slightly caricatured. My individual voice as an artist is opting for a more “conservative backlash” against the contemporary art scene and separates itself from the more sleek, stylized, graphic design look of contemporary artists. The figures lack the mass amounts of chiseled detail that are hallmarks of European Renaissance painting and sculpture, but instead exist as smooth, rubbery figures sitting in a Baroque inspired environment.

Somewhere Green | Acrylic on Canvas | 24"x 24"

Featured Artist | Katelyn Feldman

I consider myself to be an “outsider artist” because I never went to art school, I’m self taught, and I own my voice through art making. I appreciate the creative process because it’s a way for me to grow and learn. I am very drawn to abstract style and I love to use many different colors in a thick, bold way. I want to catch people’s attention with my full color palette and thick, textured style.

Billy's Large Glass | Mixed media | 24.5" x 45"

Featured Artist | Billy the Kid

I am an outsider artist. I am self taught and use unusual materials in my work such as sheet rock and neon paint . My work is for me a spiritual path as I am now the artist called Billy the Kid Neon/Numen formerly just known simply as Billy the Kid Neon ( hehee). I became an artist when I was “Richard Dreyfussed” ( as in Close Encounters of the Third Kind) at Home Depot. I bought an 8′ x 4′ piece of sheet rock and with a neighbor’s help I set it on two saw horses and in a trance i did my first piece appropriately called “Future Numen.”. This solitary phase in my work culminated in my magnum opus “Yu Must Squeeze” – 7000 c.ft. installation .

Now I employ “fine” artists in my work and I think it is way better – not so rough and more accessible and now for sale and hopefully, placable. Thanks for your kind attention….LUV AND PEACE….BILLY

#26 Cultural Capital | Mixed Media on Panel board | 80cm x 60cm

Featured Artist | Anton Xavier

I’m an autodidact who is fascinated by the process of creation and in particular the unadulterated pure creation associated with Art Brut and Outsider art.

PARADISE LOST Medium Mixed media painting on canvas. Size 48''- 48''

Featured Artist | John van Orsouw

”I was born in s’Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands in 1954. I have been a lifelong doodler.My work is influenced by children’s toy’s, folk and indigenous art forms. I am an amateur painter and maker of things. But I spend most of my time doing this and I will continue as long as there are new things to discover….I like my works to be joyous, colorful with a kinetic feel. I’ll work with and on anything available, including old wood, cardboard and all kinds of wonderful junk,” writes John van Orsouw.

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