It's Raining Milk Medium watercolor on paper Size 28.75in X 20.875in

Featured Artist – Deveron Richard

Deveron Richard is an LA-based artist, primarily self taught and highly skilled in watercolor and pastel. Deveron has been creating work at the ECF Art Centers, a progressive art studio in Los Angeles, for over thirty-three years. His subject matter ranges from fantasy and sci-fi to landscapes and portraits, and always with a distinct attention to the smallest detail and brush stroke. Deveron creates otherworldly characters of hypersexualized animals that live in a color spectra or a battling space universe. With each piece along with a title Deveron includes a narrative, giving the viewer just a glimpse into the microcosms he creates. “I am an art student, always learning something new and practicing my technique. I get my ideas from my imagination. I ask God for a vision, for inspiration. I do my inspiration and I keep at it.” says Deveron about his art practice.

Dividing Medium Mixed Media Size 36”x 48”x 1,5”

Featured Artist – Manana Tsilikishvili

When I was born in Tbilisi, the Republic of Georgia was a satellite state of the USSR. Communist control often made daily life a challenge and constrained the art world. It discouraged new ideas and pushed artists towards traditional expression. However, I was fortunate enough as a young girl to have a schoolteacher who recognized my talent and encouraged me to express myself in line, form and color.
In order to support myself during young adulthood, I enrolled in the Light Industry Technical College and obtained a degree in textile manufacturing. I used the skills I acquired at the college to open fashion boutique. My ability to use color and form in design made the shop successful. Yet the boutique was not enough to quell my intense desire to paint. I yearned to experience artistic freedom, which America seemed to offer. In 1999, I came to the United States and was tremendously inspired by possibilities for art in this country. I rediscovered my love of fine art.
I found myself surrounded by a free artistic environment, new material, rich literature, incredible libraries, and museums. Using these new resources, I explored new techniques, often times teaching myself. Studying the likes of Jackson Pollock, Amedeo Modigliani, and Willem de Kooning, along with other masters, I began working with acrylics and oils. I honed my techniques and developed an individualistic, contemporary style. My work is now possessed by a spirit of freedom, which lives in a wonderful world of lines, forms, colors and symbolism textured by oils and other mixed media. Each piece of art is an honest and pure expression of various periods of my life; my paintings capture emotions from my heart and soul. Finally, they depict my experience of life, growing up in an repressive society and ending up in America; at times intense and dramatic, my style has also become feminine and uplifting.
Although I continue to develop as an artist, I have settled into my style and found an engaging audience on the East Coast. I have exhibited my works in locations around the tri-state area, including in Philadelphia and New York City. I am constantly searching for new opportunities for collaboration and engaging with new audiences and perspectives. I look forward to working with you.

Touching the Darkness in Death Medium Latex on Wood Size 23x36

Featured Artist – Jeff Klena

I briefly attended the Cleveland Institute of Art (1992-1993) but found hanging out at the Euclid Tavern and the Cleveland Museum of Art much more educational.
Music And Art have been a constant force in moving my life forward. Although the past is a constant reminder of promises forgotten. I now make good on the little lies that get me through the night. The reinventing of the dream-self on every new morning. The doorway between the conscious self and the subconscious ideal has been left open. What remains of the journey lies in paint. My Style is subjective to the viewers preconceptions. I am a figure artist. The rest is up for interpretation.
The artistic influences on my paintings are quite varied. I am most influenced by the Symbolist. Which turned into the modern Illustration movement. Everyone from Klimt to Schiele from Bacon and Auerbach to Frazetta and Giger. All my idols are dead. It is my time to start a new generation of dreamers.
All my work is for sale. I am sick of being a slave to my alarm clock

" CELEBRITY # 2 " from the series, ' Girls on Tour ( who haven't yet toured ).....' Medium Mixed Media ------ after creating her shape, I dressed " Celebrity #2 " in layers of mosaic, thinly rolled treated lead, glitter paint, diamante, found objects plus some inspiration..... Size Life Size

Featured Artist – Mista Fig

Considered an ‘outsider artist’, I express through sculpture, exploring my ideas using a variety of media.
Inspiration for my art, comes from dreams, myths, intuition and adventures.
My work is mainly figurative with root influences from what I experience—–the pain and pleasure of life.
I aim to create with passion and freedom, to tell a story through my work, of my life and the life of others.

Each sculpture is individual and an edition of one….

It's Complicated Medium Ceramic Size 14.5"h x 8.5"w x 11.5"d

Featured Artist – Marilyn Richeda

My creative process is based on working intuitively from feelings, memories and my imagination. I usually work in a series which can lead me into extensive exploration of an idea and form. Form is an essential element in my work. My secondary focus is to develop different types of surfaces that will enhance and support the form. I can’t say enough about color. In many ways, color is the most important part of every piece I make. The dance begins as soon as I start brushing the glazes onto bone dry terra-cotta. The clay draws the slips and glazes in, sometimes making a particular sound; I like that. I layer the slips and glazes until I achieve a result which is emotionally satisfying to me. The use of color is more emotional than logical. Although my figures are pared-down minimalist in outside appearance, I mean for them to have complicated and subtle inner lives. For me, they carry the heavy weight of emotional fragility. They are simultaneously grotesque, beautiful, repulsive and mesmerizing. The figures I create, some creepy and dark, are not to be found on the street, but rather in one’s imagination or dreams creating an alternate universe. My use of wagons, carts, wheels, boats and chairs place the figure in or on an object to transport them to another place.

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