Italia Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 11x14 inches

Featured Artist – Anindita Dasgupta

Featured Artist – Anindita Dasgupta

Dream of Gunvald Medium Acrylic and ink Size 37 cm x 46 cm

Featured Artist – Mary Webster

Mary’s pathway began in her teens drawing ponies where she found her love of the ink pen.Living in the UK and working as a practicing registered nurse she continues to develop her art between Erotica and surreal abstracts in Acrylics and ink.She won an award in May 2017 for ‘Award of Excellence for Erotic Drawing ‘ at the Swiss Art Gallery in Lausanne,Switzerland after showing 6 works in a group show in May 2017 .Two of her Erotic artworks were published by Erotic Signature in the books ‘The World’s Greatest Erotic Art’ volume 3 and volume 5.Erotica continued in April 2018 where she showed 9 works in London’s first ever Erotic art show giving Mary a tremendous boost of confidence to carry on her art pathway.

Feelings Medium oil Size 12"x12"

Featured Artist – Tatiana Klimov

A native Russian from Saint Petersburg, Russia, Tatiana found her second home in Los Alamos 23 years ago. In spite of having a college degree in metallurgy, she has worked in the fashion and beauty business. In Russia, she owned and ran a private crafts school. Shortly after relocating to the US, she opened her own business “Nature Care for Skin & Hair.” She has always enjoyed designing and making clothes, knitting, crochet, quilt, and embroidery based on her own designs. Even as a child she had passion for art and especially drawing. Around last spring 2017 she decided to pursue her desire for expressing her inner self in the form of “Happy paintings.” Her philosophy of paintings is to portray positive energy and happiness by splashing bright colors on canvas to share the beauty and inspiration she finds through her love of nature. In nature, there are shapes, colors, textures, fragrances, sounds, and tastes to be experienced. From rock formations to butterflies, all forms of natural scenery have a deep internal message of their essence. Tatiana is attempting to convey that spiritualis, or “breath,” from the nature around us, to the viewer through her art. She weaves a waltz of colors and shapes into a “happy dance,” to make the day of the viewer a better place.

Geo 11 Medium Acrylic on canvas Size 40 x 30 x 1.5

Featured Artist – Robert Frankel

I LIKE TO NOTICE THINGS: patterns of cracks on the street, colors of sprinkles scattered across the white icing on a doughnut, the texture of peeling bark. I try to use my brush to capture the tension between patterns, colors, and textures. If I am successful, those who view my work will feel the same joy I feel when creating it.

Cipher Medium mixed media construction Size H96'xW56"xD24"

Featured Artist – Michael Chomick

Michael Chomick was born in Vancouver, Canada, and is the fifth of 7 children of Andrew and Marisa Chomick.

His first introduction to the world of art-making came during the visits to the basement of the family’s home. This is where both of his parents practiced their hobbies of fine art-making through painting with oil, sculpting with clay, and/or colourful tile mosaics.

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