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Welcome to FROM | Outsider Art Magazine 

Outsider Art Magazine is a magazine dedicated to Outsider Artists! We use the term “Outsider” loosely to cover various other art forms. Below is a non conclusive listing of what you can expect to see in Outsider Art Magazine:

Outsider Art

Art Brut

Self-Taught Artists

Folk Art

Underground Arts

Lowbrow Art

Dark Art

Naïve Art

Neuve Invention

Intuitive Art

etc …

Of course, the is not a list set in stone and there are more than a few ways to interpret what constitutes an Outsider Artist. 

Art is Art

Outsider Art Magazine – Art from the Outside, is a sister magazine of Artist Portfolio Magazine. While Artist Portfolio Magazine will be dedicated to Contemporary, Modern and Fine Arts, Outsider Art Magazine will be dedicated to art from “Outsider” Artists.


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