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All “Outsider” visual art forms and Artists are acceptable. – Outsider Art, Folk Art, Brut Art, Naïve Art, Self-Taught, Intuitive Art, Neuve Invention, Visionary, Raw, Underground Art, Lowbrow etc …

If your art does not meet our "Outsider" criteria then it will not be accepted into the magazine and a refund will be issued. If you are an artist who specializes in Fine Art, Contemporary Art, etc ... Please head on over to Artist Portfolio Magazine (our sister magazine) and submit your art to that magazine.

Artists may be featured on our blog and social media so, please take a moment to follow us. 



  • Have images of the 4 works of art you are submitting ready to upload.

  • Have a prepared bio/artist statement to submit with your art (optional, but recommended).

  • Click on the “Submit Art” button.

  • Submit your artwork.

You will receive an email notification once your submission is complete. It’s that easy.


OPEN SUBMISSION to all artists in all parts of the world.

  • VISUAL ART SUBMISSIONS should be 300dpi to be accepted into the magazine and can be submitted as one of the following file types: jpg, jpeg, tiff, png.

  • Crop out any backgrounds in submitted images.

  • Only art should be visible. Images of submitted art with objects in them that are not the art itself will be disqualified ( i.e. You standing next to your art or the pen/pencil that you used to create the art, etc … ).

  • Art must be created by the artist submitting the artwork.

  • Have a prepared bio/artist statement to submit with your art (optional, but recommended)



  • Feel free to submit your art for consideration to issue six.
  • No guarantee that your art will be published.

Submit your art through Instagram. If selected we will contact you for higher resolution images. All you need to do is follow us and use the following tag and hashtags. We will select 2 Artists from Instagram to be featured in issue five. The best way to do this is to upload up to 10 images of your art at one time, not 10 different posts.

  • Tag us in the images you are submitting by using the following.
  • Follow Us

*All art/art images, submitted by Artists, remains the sole property of the Artists and can’t be used without their permission. Images of submitted art may be used by Outsider Art Magazine for promotional use only (magazine covers used to promote next issue, etc …).