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Simon Gower – Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

To me, life is a most randomly beautiful experience. There is also much confusion and chaos. I have always struggled with dependency issues, but I have also been the luckiest man to ever have lived. There is a type of instability and volatility which has brought me all the heaven, and all the hell that one can imagine. It’s never normal, it’s either blissful ecstasy, or harrowing despair in this little experience of mine.
Due to these circumstances, I have lived a hedonistic narrative which led me down a dead end road. I crashed at the bottom. With much inner search, psychedelics, meditation, contemplation, and creative therapy, I have come out in good stead after a long and painful cycle, which included many experiences which I cannot share without the fear of being painted as someone insane. It was a process of loss and recovery, and so I have to say that what this body of work has meant to me, is a self exploratory type of healing. I am only now rising back into consciousness after the turmoil. Materially, I am left with nothing, but I am 31 years young, and I have a most beautiful love with a most beautiful human, to whom I owe more than can be expressed.
I am most certainly baffled by this existence, but I must compliment it on its sheer magnificence and majesty. And while healing was the unconscious motivation for the work, I would like to dedicate it to life itself, as a token of my appreciation and gratitude for all it has shown and given me.
One of the most important things which the work has taught me, is a reclassification of success. Rather than the end result being the focus of importance, it is instead the act of creation which I now call the thing of meaning. For me, the act of drawing, the act of writing, this is how I meet with my God. It is in the act of creation where the value lies, not in the end result. It is a falling in love with the process and surrender to the moment, rather than an attachment to outcomes and objects.

Please note that the work is heavy in concept, and ideally, the accompanying concept forms half of the piece. For full works and associated text content, please visit lovecultdesign.com


ANUBIS Medium Ink on paper Size A4
Ink on paper
Family Portrait Medium Ink on Paper Size A4
Family Portrait
Ink on Paper
Courage and Kindness Medium Ink on paper Size A3
Courage and Kindness
Ink on paper
The Love Thing Medium Ink on paper Size A3
The Love Thing
Ink on paper
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