Featured Artist – Michael Chomick

Featured Artist

Michael Chomick – Hawthorne, CA

Michael Chomick was born in Vancouver, Canada, and is the fifth of 7 children of Andrew and Marisa Chomick.

His first introduction to the world of art-making came during the visits to the basement of the family’s home. This is where both of his parents practiced their hobbies of fine art-making through painting with oil, sculpting with clay, and/or colourful tile mosaics.

At the young age of 11 his parents decided to leave Canada and relocated the entire family to the Caribbean island nation of Barbados. During the two-year stint on the island this is where Chomick began his artistic career by writing and illustrating his own-brand of Super Hero comic books. These early comic books gave way to his current style and technique of painting and drawing – works that are derived from a mind-set of spontaneity, with no preconceived thought, and created from the subconscious.

Two years later, St. Petersburg, Florida became the artist’s next place of residency. There, after the completion of high school, he entered into the world of commercial art.

After 11 years in the aforementioned vocation, September, 1986, he altered his artistic direction and veered his creative force towards what has become his life’s mission – that of a thought-provoking visual artist.

The 30+ years Chomick has been experimenting and practicing his talents as a thought-provoking visual artist delving into a variety of mediums ranging from ink or graphite drawing to figurative oil painting to mixed media constructions.

In his many travels such as Japan, Europe, and the Americas (North, Central and South), in addition to places of residencies, such as Miami Beach, Florida; Austin, Texas; and now Los Angeles, California, Chomick has gathered inspiration and stimulation by such life experiences.

During Chomick’s career as an award winning contemporary artist his works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally in selected solo and group exhibitions.

Cipher Medium mixed media construction Size H96'xW56"xD24"
mixed media construction
STATIC: Thoughts & Prayers - Kiss 'Em Goodbye!! Medium mixed media construction Size H60"xW32x'D32"
STATIC: Thoughts & Prayers – Kiss ‘Em Goodbye!!
mixed media construction
Bob's Annuncuiation: That his pants ain't square but rather cool, man! Medium mixed media construction Size H60"xW32"xD32"
Bob’s Annuncuiation: That his pants ain’t square but rather cool, man!
mixed media construction
CA$H COW and The Capitalistic Pig Medium mixed media construction Size H64"x20"xD20"
CA$H COW and The Capitalistic Pig
mixed media construction



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