Featured Artist – Anindita Dasgupta

Featured Artist – Anindita Dasgupta

Italia Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 11x14 inches

Featured Artist

Anindita Dasgupta – Dallas, TX

A self-taught artist, I make abstract, intuitive and impressionistic floral art, occasionally foraying into landscapes. Use of colors is very vivid in all my pieces. They are mostly acrylics on both canvas and paper, a few are mixed media (mostly acrylic and soft pastels) and watercolor too. I have also started with Digital Art form, and there are a couple of those pieces that you will find in my shop.

Art has been my passion from the time I was a little girl, however, I had to navigate through life’s very arduous challenges for over two decades. During this time of severity, when I had a formidable task of just surviving with dignity, my art was all forgotten. Though I always wanted to paint but I kept losing touch and more importantly I started losing my confidence and I felt my brushes would not be in my control, my colors would not look beautiful enough on canvas. But as fate and my undying desire for creating art would have had it, fast forward 2016, one fine day I just walked up to ‘Michael’s’, and bought a bunch of art supplies and that day, it was after after 23 years that I picked up my paint brush once again and I haven’t stopped even for a day ever since.

I am in awe of great artists like Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt- whose use of gold in his art fascinates me. Among more contemporary artists, I truly admire the works of Karen Silve, Erin Gregory, Flora Bowley and I am also thoroughly inspired by them.

My long lost love and gratification- ART- is my absolute full time engagement now. Learning, painting, experimenting, creating, experiencing the euphoria and marveling at destiny, the opportunity this country has given me and at God’s ways to reward! I have finally started my Etsy shop a little over a month ago. I also direct sell my original art pieces for now. I hope to spread vibes n vibrancy of colors through my work. I also hope that my art will delight people and bring positive energy for all who see and own them!

 Spring flora Medium Acrylic on paper Size 8x8 inches

Spring Flora
Acrylic on paper
8×8 inches
 Summer Medium Acrylic on paper Size 8x10 inches

Acrylic on paper
8×10 inches
 Italia Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 11x14 inches

Acrylic on Canvas
11×14 inches
 For Spring Medium Acrylic on paper Size 5x7 inches

For Spring
Acrylic on paper
5×7 inches

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