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Jeff Klena – Elyria, OH

I briefly attended the Cleveland Institute of Art (1992-1993) but found hanging out at the Euclid Tavern and the Cleveland Museum of Art much more educational.
Music And Art have been a constant force in moving my life forward. Although the past is a constant reminder of promises forgotten. I now make good on the little lies that get me through the night. The reinventing of the dream-self on every new morning. The doorway between the conscious self and the subconscious ideal has been left open. What remains of the journey lies in paint. My Style is subjective to the viewers preconceptions. I am a figure artist. The rest is up for interpretation.
The artistic influences on my paintings are quite varied. I am most influenced by the Symbolist. Which turned into the modern Illustration movement. Everyone from Klimt to Schiele from Bacon and Auerbach to Frazetta and Giger. All my idols are dead. It is my time to start a new generation of dreamers.
All my work is for sale. I am sick of being a slave to my alarm clock

Touching the Darkness in Death Medium Latex on Wood Size 23x36
Touching the Darkness in Death
Latex on Wood
Fertility Goddess Medium Latex on Wood Size 24x36
Fertility Goddess
Latex on Wood
First Glimpse of Fire Medium Latex on Canvas Size 30x32
First Glimpse of Fire
Latex on Canvas
Source of Origin Medium Latex on Canvas Size 30x32
Source of Origin
Latex on Canvas



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