Featured Artist – Amy O’Hearn

Amy O’Hearn is a New Orleans, Louisiana artist who uses a meditative and intuitive approach in her paintings. She thrives on the risk and spontaneity of not having a plan before starting to paint, she simply clears her mind and lets the colors and the brush take her away. Amy finds it very fulfilling when other people interpret her art, noticing things she hadn’t intended. She often names her paintings after the visions others see and views her role as a conduit for their experience. … Continue readingFeatured Artist – Amy O’Hearn

Featured Artist – John McCabe

I am an artist and musician based in Southern, California. The art that I make is directly tied to what music I am recording at the time. Over the last several years I have written, recorded and released 2 EP’s; in the early phases of the recording process for my first record, I realized that one of the magical things that I used to love about buying music was the art work. It was a way to jointly study the music and what paintings, drawings, photographs, lyrics and liner notes accompanied the physical songs. … Continue readingFeatured Artist – John McCabe

Featured Artist – Orna Geva

Featured Artist – Orna Geva … Continue readingFeatured Artist – Orna Geva

Featured Artist – Sam Ireland

Featured Artist – Sam Ireland … Continue readingFeatured Artist – Sam Ireland

Featured Artist – Paul Deltic

Featured Artist – Paul Deltic … Continue readingFeatured Artist – Paul Deltic

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