Revenge Medium oil on canvas Size 11175x14050

Featured Artist – Galya Kerns

Featured Artist

Galya Kerns – Powell, OH

My works show my surrealistic dialogue with myself and reflect my vision of contemporary realities and problems of our modern world.

Recent exhibitions:
“Underwater” exhibition, 2018, USA 934 Gallery
“Helping homeless animals” charity art show 2018, Russia “Mythic Creatures” exhibition, 2019, USA Columbus Ohio, Cosi.
“Freeing Our Selves” exhibition, 2019 LA.
“Operation Monarch”, Cultural Art Center, 2019 Columbus Ohio.
“Jim Henson: Imagination Unlimited” exhibition Cosi, 2019
“Body as a language” exhibition, Canada
Publication in Exclamation! Magazine, Florida

Coming soon
Publication in PurpleHaze magazine, Germany
“Are you afraid of art?” Group Show.
Commission for Studio 47 open house.

 Revenge Medium oil on canvas Size 11175x14050

oil on canvas
 Anger Medium oil on canvas Size 4988x6379

oil on canvas
 Bride Medium oil on canvas Size 5300x6713

oil on canvas
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