Still Born (Collaboration w/ Mari Bennett - the Mummy Baby) Medium Mixed Media Size 24"x32"x12"

Featured Artist – Sue Moerder

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Featured Artist

Sue Moerder – Hammonton, NJ

I grew up in an Art home with a Photographer Father, an Elementary School Art Teacher Mother, and Artistic Sister and Brother. Art was always a huge part of my life so going to the Art school where my parents met was probably meant to be. I studied Illustration at Philadelphia College of Art (when it was called that) and then got side tracked in Advertising when I graduated.

While I was in college and a few years after I exhibited my Soft-Sculpture in Galleries in Phila, New York, New Jersey, and Baltimore. Was published in the books “Outstanding American Illustrators” and “3-Dimensional Illustration” and magazines “Print Magazine” and “Baltimore Magazine”.

A weird sequence of events landed me in Tattooing for the past 16 years, with my own Tattoo Shop/Art Playground for last 7 of them.

I love Tattooing but the Sculptor in me couldn’t be denied and I started sculpting again with skulls – I love taking skulls and assembling them with manmade objects that are old and discarded, but still beautiful in their own way. It’s like putting together a puzzle of shapes and textures – and giving new life to the dead and discarded.

I’ve been told what to do with my talents most of my life, and it has definitely influenced my art – this is my own personal artistic voice – my sanity – my passion.

Still Born (Collaboration w/ Mari Bennett - the Mummy Baby) Medium Mixed Media Size 24"x32"x12"
Still Born (Collaboration w/ Mari Bennett – the Mummy Baby)
Mixed Media
Fallen Angel Medium Mixed Media Size 68"x24"x24"
Fallen Angel
Mixed Media
Bare Back Medium Mixed Media Size 28"x28"x11"
Bare Back
Mixed Media
Mermaid Floor Lamp Medium Mixed Media Size 67"x12"x15"
Mermaid Floor Lamp
Mixed Media



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