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“He had the moon in his mind” | Mixed media, acrylic and markers on paper | 70x100cm

Featured Artist | Charalampos Panagiotopoulos

  Charalampos Panagiotopoulos | Oslo, Norway @asteriko.79 Harris is a painter that likes to experiment with different materials, styles and techniques. His main material is acrylic, in combination with watercolor, gouache, soft and oil pastel, oil, woods, or whatever his creativity will imagine. He used to say that he had no specific style, however you can identify his style in…

Outsider Art Magazine Issue Three

Submit Your Art to Outsider Art Magazine

Submit Your Art at Outsider Art Magazine

Contemporary Times . Mystery Travel . #28 | Pastel on paper | 30x20 cm

Featured Artist | Maksim Mezhuritsky

  Maksim Mezhuritsky | Or Akiva, Merkaz, Isreal Love art. For me it is a way of communication. My pictures are thoughts on different subjects, sometimes surreal. As a rule, my pictures are thoughts of the mind and emotions, sometimes only emotions.

Outsider Art Magazine Issue Three

Outsider Art Magazine | Issue Three is Here!!!

Finally!!! … Outsider Art Magazine Issue Three is now available for free downloads and not free print purchases. Congratulations to Bill Skrips whose art has landed on the cover of issue three. Thank you to every artist who submitted their art and to those who made the cut for issue three, We are now accepting free art submissions for issue…

A Television | Acrylic on wood | 24x24

Featured Artist | George Spencer

I am a neoOutsider artist. I’m a Southerner who came to art late in life as the result of personal trauma. My work is infused with my belief in God whose hand guides me.

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