Cow Skull #1 Medium Acrylic on wood Size 12 in X 12 in

Featured Artist – Amy O’Hearn

Featured Artist

Amy O’Hearn – New Orleans, LA


Amy O’Hearn is a New Orleans, Louisiana artist who works from her home studio. Amy uses a meditative and intuitive approach in her paintings. She thrives on the risk and spontaneity of not having a plan before starting to paint, she simply clears her mind and lets the colors and the brush take her away. Amy finds it very fulfilling when other people interpret her art, noticing things she hadn’t intended. She often names her paintings after the visions others see.

Amy has always been interested in art, especially drawing and painting. She enjoyed being in the Art program during high school and continued to draw and paint after her graduation in 1999. Her favorite memory of that time was drawing tattoos for her shipmates when she joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 2000. Then “life happened,” as Amy says, and she veered off her artistic path for a while. Words cannot describe the joy it brings her to be reunited with inspiration.

Artist Statement

Amy O’Hearn’s artwork is the culmination of tiny triumphs and mistakes that make it beautiful. She chooses different colors and adds new layers throughout her creative process; each session inspires the choices for the next. When painting subject matter, Amy likes to incorporate the same intuitive approach. The object is the inspiration and the painting is not limited to the rules of reality.

Amy’s goal is to capture the essence of perfect imperfection and self love that nurtures growth, countering the cultural pressures to change who we are to fit others’ expectations.

 Banjo Medium Oil on Wood Size 18 in X 28 in

Oil on Wood
18 in X 28 in
 Cow Skull #1 Medium Acrylic on wood Size 12 in X 12 in

Cow Skull #1
Acrylic on wood
12 in X 12 in
 Resolution Medium Acrylic on Wood Size 12 in X 12 in

Acrylic on Wood
12 in X 12 in
 Believe Medium Acrylic on Wood Size 12 in X 12 in

Acrylic on Wood
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