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Unforgiving Pleasures | acrylic on canvas | 24"/48"

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Alena Molozanov | Short Hills, NY

My name is Alena Molozanov, and I am an experienced photographer and an amateur painter. I was born and raised in Ukraine, and in my adult life, my family and I have yet to spend more than three years in one place – Moscow, NYC, Latvia, and now back in the US in New Jersey.

Now that I have more time, space, and stability in my life, I have taken up decorating my home with my own art. I love photography, and have plenty of photos to decorate my new home. However, I’ve always been fascinated by painting, and quickly realized my home was missing this type of art. So, I decided to give it a shot and try it myself. I have a wall in my Hallway which is too awkwardly shaped for a photo – very long and a bit narrow. That’s where my first vertical painting came from.

My only art background comes from my Mom, who can draw beautifully. As a child, I watched her draw holiday cards, birthday cards, and banners for her friends and work events.

In order to learn and explore techniques and mediums, I recently enrolled in a local art school. I love every second I spend in class with my incredible teacher and amazing artists. Right now, I am experimenting with different styles and techniques, and have discovered my love for textures. I am still exploring to see what brings me the most joy, and I invite you to join me on my journey.

Uknown | acrylic on canvas | 24"/48"
Uknown | acrylic on canvas | 24″/48″
Ageless | acrylic on canvas | 24"/48"
Ageless | acrylic on canvas | 24″/48″
Unforgiving Pleasures | acrylic on canvas | 24"/48"
Unforgiving Pleasures | acrylic on canvas | 24″/48″
Debacle | acrylic on canvas, gold leaf | 48"/30"
Debacle | acrylic on canvas, gold leaf | 48″/30″


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