FROM | Outsider Art Magazine | Issue Four … Is Here!!!

Artists in Issue Four (in no particular order) Congrats to all the Artists who made it into issue four and thank you to everyone who submitted art for consideration. We

Featured Artist | Veronique Ivanović

Veronique Ivanović | Atlanta, GA @vivanovic2 Veronique Ivanović, K75 is a citizen of the world who started creating art at a young age. She was born and lived in Paris/France,

Featured Artist | Greg Szostakiwskyj

Greg Szostakiwskyj is a Canadian artist whose paintings deal with subjects and figures. Born in Belgium of Ukrainian parents and raised in Canada, Greg’s unique paintings are influenced by growing up and watching his father as an artist. His early years were involved in art programs, winning awards throughout his early academic years. “My paintings reflect life but somehow surreal and distant…… as an observer.” Initially working with water colors and is currently working with oils.
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Featured Artist | Anindita Dasgupta

A self-taught artist, I make abstract, intuitive and impressionistic art. I create energy through my art, of real things but outside of the realm of realism and showing how I perceive that reality to be. I paint a lot of florals because flowers connect with my soul, occasionally working on landscapes and other subjects. I hope to spread happiness through my work. I am certain that they will bring positive energy for all who see and own them! … Continue readingFeatured Artist | Anindita Dasgupta

Featured Artist | Alena Molozanov

Alena Molozanov | Short Hills, NY @artalzano My name is Alena Molozanov, and I am an experienced photographer and an amateur painter. I was born and raised in Ukraine, and

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