Featured Artist | Billy the Kid

I am an outsider artist. I am self taught and use unusual materials in my work such as sheet rock and neon paint . My work is for me a spiritual path as I am now the artist called Billy the Kid Neon/Numen formerly just known simply as Billy the Kid Neon ( hehee). I became an artist when I was “Richard Dreyfussed” ( as in Close Encounters of the Third Kind) at Home Depot. I bought an 8′ x 4′ piece of sheet rock and with a neighbor’s help I set it on two saw horses and in a trance i did my first piece appropriately called “Future Numen.”. This solitary phase in my work culminated in my magnum opus “Yu Must Squeeze” – 7000 c.ft. installation .

Now I employ “fine” artists in my work and I think it is way better – not so rough and more accessible and now for sale and hopefully, placable. Thanks for your kind attention….LUV AND PEACE….BILLY … Continue readingFeatured Artist | Billy the Kid

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