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Contemporary Times . Mystery Travel . #28 | Pastel on paper | 30x20 cm

Featured Artist | Maksim Mezhuritsky

  Maksim Mezhuritsky | Or Akiva, Merkaz, Isreal Love art. For me it is a way of communication. My pictures are thoughts on different subjects, sometimes surreal. As a rule, my pictures are thoughts of the mind and emotions, sometimes only emotions.

Farbe ist Alles #3 | Acrylic on canvas | 36 x 36 x 1.5

Featured Artist | Robert Frankel

Featured Artist Robert Frankel | Wilmette, IL @robertfrankelart I was always fascinated with the idea that colors can have an effect on our emotional, physical, and mental states. Examples of this can be found in the expressions, “seeing red” or “having the blues. I like to use bright bold colors set against each other in a geometric structure to create energy and…

A Television | Acrylic on wood | 24x24

Featured Artist | George Spencer

I am a neoOutsider artist. I’m a Southerner who came to art late in life as the result of personal trauma. My work is infused with my belief in God whose hand guides me.

nothing can't stop the desire | oil on canvas | 120 cm x 100 cm

Featured Artist | Balthazar Kaplan

Born in 1965 in Paris. Self-taught artist. I live in Rennes (Brittany, France)

In 1986, I created with Bathelemy Schwartz the revue Dorénavant, one of the first avant-garde revue of comics theory: this revue (1986 – 1988) proposed a new definition of the comic strip as a simple juxtaposition of pictures. Also, were included with the comics some paintings of Klee, Kandinsky or Picasso. This statement was also a way to create a new connection between comics and paintings: what was at stake then, was not the graphics (like for Lichtenstein or Combas) but the division of the canvas. Thanks to this, the painting would find again its very old and deep temptation: the illusion of time, which can create a narrative or a musical dimension.

The French comics’ world reacted sometimes with curiosity but most of the time with rejection. The art world ignored it.

From 1988 to 2006, I gave up painting and drawing and rather liked to write novels and essays.

Magic Hair | Digital Art

Featured Artist | Moussa Salman

I’m Dutch/Egyptian, retired, but I was a businessman, teacher, inventor and I love challenging tasks. I’m completely self-taught, I never studied art or took any courses. I would say that my personality was formed in an Eastern society and has also been changed and affected by a Western one. My art represents the pain my family and I went through due to my daughter’s chronic illness, and it is inspired by her. One of my first jobs in Amsterdam was working as a cleaner at the Van Gogh museum, I was very impressed by the art and it helped my art career.

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