Featured Artist | Greg Szostakiwskyj

Greg Szostakiwskyj is a Canadian artist whose paintings deal with subjects and figures. Born in Belgium of Ukrainian parents and raised in Canada, Greg’s unique paintings are influenced by growing up and watching his father as an artist. His early years were involved in art programs, winning awards throughout his early academic years. “My paintings reflect life but somehow surreal and distant…… as an observer.” Initially working with water colors and is currently working with oils.
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Featured Artist | Royce Brown

My own work is deeply steeped in the European classical tradition, drawing much more inspiration in terms of form, lighting, composition, and atmosphere from the Renaissance and Baroque era than it draws from any contemporary art movement. It is completely figurative, with no abstraction, though with human figures that are slightly caricatured. My individual voice as an artist is opting for a more “conservative backlash” against the contemporary art scene and separates itself from the more sleek, stylized, graphic design look of contemporary artists. The figures lack the mass amounts of chiseled detail that are hallmarks of European Renaissance painting and sculpture, but instead exist as smooth, rubbery figures sitting in a Baroque inspired environment. … Continue readingFeatured Artist | Royce Brown

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