Featured Artist – Jeanette Chan

Jeanette Chan is a graphic artist and illustrator located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her art incorporates dark and cute elements for a spooky, yet appealing aesthetic. Jeanette’s interests include traveling, meditation, trying new food, and birds. You can follow her on social media with her username, Comfydarkme. … Continue readingFeatured Artist – Jeanette Chan

Featured Artist – Sally Mandl

I am endlessly inspired by the natural world that surrounds me/is me. My drawings are portraits of you and me. My name is Sally Mandl and i was born and raised in Montreal (but ran away to the country as soon an i turned 25. Right angles aren’t my thing – surprise, surprise). Growing up i was always encouraged to be creative in any and every way possible. Both my parents and brother are artistically inclined and i really do feel like it’s in my blood. My veins are full of it.

My work is a depiction of how strange it is to be alive. We are all just vibrating sacs of fluid. Temporarily eternal fleshy temples living beside and within each other. Teeth and hair and fingernails floating through space and time.

What a world. … Continue readingFeatured Artist – Sally Mandl

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