Featured Artist – Justin Aerni

I’ve been making and selling my art professionally for over a decade. I’ve had the opportunity to dabble in the creation of film making, producing & directing music videos and album art for King Gordy, MC V1RUS, Ebbo Kraan, Vazytouille, Placenta Recordings & New Era Hippie. To Date, I’ve published ten books ranging from poetry, Graphic Novels to choose your own adventure. I run a little indie publishing company called PEPTFIM LLC. which stands for “People Eat People The Future Is Murder.” Lately, I’ve really enjoyed recording & Producing my own experimental music and curating art shows. … Continue readingFeatured Artist – Justin Aerni

Featured Artist – Robert Gorchov

I’m a self-taught artist and have been drawing and painting for nearly 40 years. I’m interested in the process that creates a painting. Though it involves imagination, this process is affected by chance, so that when I begin a picture I have only a half-formed image of what the finished painting will look like. The completed piece only slightly resembles the image that I had in mind when I began it. I think of this as improvisation. Over the years that I’ve been painting, I’ve learned to trust the brush and the materials – to let them take the lead – and not think too much about how it will end up.

I don’t know beforehand how a picture will turn out, and this is part of what makes painting interesting.

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