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FROM | Outsider Art Magazine | Issue Four … Is Here!!!

Artists in Issue Four (in no particular order) Congrats to all the Artists who made it into issue four and thank you to everyone who submitted art for consideration. We had a name change, but we still have the same great art. Check back in about a week or so for a new call for art. And a big thank…

Blue Lips | Collage and acrylics on metal | D 13"

Featured Artist | Veronique Ivanović

Veronique Ivanović | Atlanta, GA @vivanovic2 Veronique Ivanović, K75 is a citizen of the world who started creating art at a young age. She was born and lived in Paris/France, London/Great Britain, then moved the United States. She has been a professor/interpreter and volunteer of French language in New York City, and Atlanta, where she resides. Discovering and taking a…

Paul Gauguin Medium Acrylic on Paper Size 59,4 x 42 cm

Featured Artist – Don Mirakl

Featured Artist – Don Mirakl

Rosettes Medium Oil on Wood board Size 26 in X 17 in

Featured Artist – Amy O’Hearn

I’m Amy O’Hearn, a New Orleans artist who works from home. Art has saved my soul. For years, I felt I had no inspiration, I was restrained by a rigid job and completely drained every day. Until I started painting. Through a meditative and intuitive approach, I have ignited my passion and unleashed my creativity. I thrive on the risk and spontaneity of not having a plan before I start to paint, I clear my mind and let the colors and the brush take me away. I find it very fulfilling when other people interpret my art, noticing things I haven’t. When possible, I like to name my paintings after the visions others see.

Outsider Art Magazine

Selected Artists – Issue Zero

Outsider Art Magazine is pleased to announce our selections for issue zero. Thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork for issue zero.

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