Featured Artist | Thomas Riesner

Maze 1 | ink/paper | 20x30 cm

Thomas Riesner

Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany

I, Thomas Riesner, am an outsider art artist based in Leipzig. The painting I have acquired myself. In 1990 I began to deal intensively with painting.Mostly I paint in the Durchblick eV Leipzig, here there is also a gallery and a museum. The association uses a logo based on one of my etchigs. It shows two eyes and a bird. Often I also paint at home in a small studio. My ideas come mostly spontaneously from the subconscious, just like that, often when I listen to music. In social media, for example, facebook and instagram, I am actice. That´s also how I got to outsider art magazine. There I was published in issue 4.

Isolation 1 | ink/paper | 20x30 cm
Isolation 1 | ink/paper | 20×30 cm
Maze 1 | ink/paper | 20x30 cm
Maze 1 | ink/paper | 20×30 cm
Maze 2 | ink/paper | 20x30 cm
Maze 2 | ink/paper | 20×30 cm
Tied Down | ink/paper | 20x30 cm
Tied Down | ink/paper | 20×30 cm

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