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Blue Lips | Collage and acrylics on metal | D 13"

Featured Artist | Veronique Ivanović

Veronique Ivanović | Atlanta, GA @vivanovic2 Veronique Ivanović, K75 is a citizen of the world who started creating art at a young age. She was born and lived in Paris/France, London/Great Britain, then moved the United States. She has been a professor/interpreter and volunteer of French language in New York City, and Atlanta, where she resides. Discovering and taking a…

No. 27 Medium Oil painting Digitally altered, Mixed Media Size Digital Work

Featured Artist – Kyle Rehm

Kyle Rehm has been painting for over 35 years. He won a 4 year scholarship to MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art & Design) in 1985, but was unable to use it. This didn’t stop him from pursuing what he’d already committed to. At 17 he had the idea to create work that would be a one on one collaboration with the viewer. To create a more personal and intimate experience. He wanted the work to reflect differently with each member of the audience, like music. Music isn’t easily described or interpreted, yet everyone has a deeply intimate attraction to it, because of the imagination. Kyle wanted to create this experience in his work. To do this it had to incorporate all the ideas of art into one form. His idea was Imaginism, and the simple definition was this; Imagination delineates art through interpretation. This gave the viewer complete control of interpretation. In order to do this he had to create works that were enigmatically ambiguous, and yet welcomed the imagination in an intriguing way. He achieved this by his use of the line. This allowed the imagination an overwhelming number of possibilities. By doing so it also gave each viewer room to find a uniquely authentic interpretation that would evolve and change, and become more and more personal with time.

Best Sisters Medium Mosaic Torn Magazine and Epoxy Glaze Size 18x24

Featured Artist – Chelsea Chase

Hi! My name is Chelsea Chase. I consider myself a fairly new artist, at least with this type of medium, I feel that I have finally found my calling in the art world. I have always been creative and have tried my hand at multiple art forms. I actually had a portrait photography business for 10 years but I could never find a groove or style that really made me genuinely excited about my work. I was recently inspired by my best friend who is a 4th grade teacher who did an art project with her class using torn magazine pages. Through that I have found something that makes me truly unique and creates a richness and depth that really makes my heart happy.

Future me of the Barossa Medium Acrylic on canvas Size 190cm x 110cm

Featured Artist – Matthew Clarke

Featured Artist – Matthew Clarke

Title Untitled 3 Medium Mixed media Size 48in x 32.5in.

Featured Artist – Cat Vaganay

My paintings are a critical response to the political and cultural issues crystallized through the social media anonymous human interactions. Beyond emoticons and slashing words, and through enigmatic appearances, my work puts a grotesque, loud, distorted, and caricatural emotional reaction on faces that never “face” each other.

Through the context of emails, texts, Instagram and Facebook posts, those imaginary faces hide behind bold, blunt, and aggressive tirades illustrating the fragmentation of human interactions. Jean Michel Basquiat, Franz Kline, and Robert Motherwell are my most significant influences when using percussive, and raw brushstrokes to build a snapshot of the emotional reactions to these exchanges.

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