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Jaws Of Life Medium Analog collage on hand woven pages Size 7" x 10"

Featured Artist – Stan Reed

Stan Reed is an Outsider multimedia artist, photographer and musician who works in the genres of DaDa and Surreal art of all types. He specializes in collages, both digital and analog. His music projects include Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and The Broken Penis Orchestra. He has also worked with Steven Stapletons Nurse With Wound and Richard Rupenus Mixed Band Philanthropist.

Lost without You Medium Acrylic and Cut Paper on Canvas Size 12" x 16"

Featured Artist – JoAnn Moy

Painter JoAnn Moy works in oils, acrylic, and collage while simultaneously pursuing her career as an independant graphic designer. Born to young parents in western Pennsylvania, JoAnn’s favorite childhood memory is of fingerpainting with her sister. Her parents split up early and she never knew her father, beside the fact that he was creative.

JoAnn’s mother too, has her own artistic bend and taught her the importance of precision and quality in crafting. She wanted the girls, JoAnn and her sister, to experience more of life than the countryside of Zelinople had to offer and the little family moved to a town just outside of Pittsburgh.

Girl And Devil Medium acrylic, oil pastel on canvas Size 24x36

Featured Artist – B. Lucy Stevens

B. Lucy Stevens – Providence, RI Instagram B. Lucy Stevens is an internationally recognized, self-taught artist living in Providence, Rhode Island. Lucy paints intuitively, her work is vibrant and expressionistic, daily life imagined in a brilliant cacophony of color and pattern. She is inspired by primitive and outsider art and her far-flung travels, from South America, to Indonesia to the…

Outsider Art Magazine Issue Zero

Outsider Art Magazine – Issue zero

Outside art magazine issue zero

Mars Bar Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 5"x6"

Featured Artist – Fernando Carpaneda

Fernando Carpaneda is an underground punk artist. He works with clay sculptures and paintings. His main theme is always the human being.His sculptures and paintings capture subjects that reflect the extraordinary side of the human element. Homeless people, punk rockers, pop stars, unknown artists and outcasts are recreated to the minutest detail in his clay sculptures. Parts of the artist’s own clothing are hand tailored into miniature wardrobes. In the style of the 17th century paintings of secular subjects, human hair and modern day relics are incorporated into each piece to reflect a sense of capturing a moment in time. The artist takes his inspiration from the urban element and uses the language of the street along with his own experiences with punk rock and street life. His bold artistic statement as a punk activist is painstakingly expressed through this controversial work. Often sexual in nature, his “In your Face” approach to the acceptance of sexuality and the Punk lifestyle are recreated to provoke and inspire the observer.

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