Featured Artist | Nicklas Farrantello

Nicklas Farrantello Orlando, FL https://fortunewheels.company.site Recently, at a traveling carnival, I came across one of those old coin-operated fortune-telling machines. You put a quarter in the slot, a figure comes

Featured Artist | Robert Frankel

As a self taught artist I never learned the “proper” way to make art. My paintings are often inspired by mundane things such as looking at patterns of cracks on a sidewalk or the colors of sprinkles on a donut. My style ranges from geometric art to naive art. I am always looking to find my “inner child” while painting. … Continue readingFeatured Artist | Robert Frankel

FROM | Outsider Art Magazine | Issue Four … Is Here!!!

Artists in Issue Four (in no particular order) Congrats to all the Artists who made it into issue four and thank you to everyone who submitted art for consideration. We

Featured Artist | Anindita Dasgupta

A self-taught artist, I make abstract, intuitive and impressionistic art. I create energy through my art, of real things but outside of the realm of realism and showing how I perceive that reality to be. I paint a lot of florals because flowers connect with my soul, occasionally working on landscapes and other subjects. I hope to spread happiness through my work. I am certain that they will bring positive energy for all who see and own them! … Continue readingFeatured Artist | Anindita Dasgupta

Featured Artist | Mj Tom

Mj Tom | Athens, Greece @losotros.mjtom To Whom That May Concern. European Visual Artist Mj Tom chooses not to share any personal information. Since 2003 he established the Visual Poetry

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