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Outsider Art Magazine Issue Two

Outsider Art Magazine | Art from the Outside | Issue Two

Outsider Art Magazine Issue two

Outsider Art Magazine – Issue 2 Artist Selection

Selected Artists – Issue Two

Congratulations to all who made it into issue two of Outsider Art Magazine. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted your art for consideration. There was some amazing art that didn’t make the cut so please keep submitting for future issues of Outsider Art Magazine. Next call for art will be soon and we will send out an email and post a call for art.

Selected Artists listed in no particular order. 

The Funambulist. Medium House paint and collage on cabinet door. Size 18 x 22 inches

Featured Artist – Jim Kopp

Self taught artist who has been painting for 20 years. Most paintings consist of found objects on wood assemblages. The materials that I use are found pieces that I discover through the city where I live. I have shown in art museums and galleries throughout my career and have artwork scattered throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Title Sad Clown Medium Acrylic on Strand Board Size 18" x 24"

Featured Artist – Joyce Thornburg

I am a compulsive artist…I paint everyday because I have to!

My images are raw and intuitive. Colors harmonize in unexpected ways and exuberance often collides with angst.

Faces predominate my work, many in frontal gazes that meets the viewer head -on; faces as maps that reveal places we’ve been…or may be going.

In the words of Zorba the Greek—

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