my socks | acrylic on canvas | 34"x61"

Featured Artist | Nicole Sullivan

Outsider Art Magazine

Nicole Sullivan | Las Cruces, NM

Being born in Truth or Consequences has shaped my outlook on life to be a black and white Rube Goldberg machine. I have always studied and been drawn to the Truth.

My work has focused on human struggles with societal pitfalls induced by the conception of morality, and the enforced standards we try and fail to uphold ourselves. Growing up poverty-stricken and at the hands of extreme child abuse, I feel an urgency in addressing these issues and thus issues of morality before true societal progress can be achieved. I believe that what are referred to as the Seven Deadly Sins along with Karma will define the trials and tribulations a person will interact with in their lifetime, and the demons they will struggle with along that path.

My intentions are to spread the word about the struggles within each of us to remain human at all times, and at times, at all cost. Is it okay to help those who admit struggle? Can we be judgmental without being unfair? I want the viewer to understand truths within themselves through my art, to progress and have a life free of burden. I want the viewer to achieve a visual nirvana and ascend to their further purpose.

my socks | acrylic on canvas | 34"x61"
my socks | acrylic on canvas | 34″x61″
 filth | acrylic on canvas | 18"x21.5"
filth | acrylic on canvas | 18″x21.5″
This is What Happens When You're Away | acrylic on canvas | 20"x20″
This is What Happens When You’re Away | acrylic on canvas | 20″x20″
Daddy's Fleshlight | acrylic on canvas | 61"x54.5"
Daddy’s Fleshlight | acrylic on canvas | 61″x54.5″


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