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Outsider Art Magazine – Issue 2 Artist Selection

Selected Artists – Issue Two

Congratulations to all who made it into issue two of Outsider Art Magazine. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted your art for consideration. There was some amazing art that didn’t make the cut so please keep submitting for future issues of Outsider Art Magazine. Next call for art will be soon and we will send out an email and post a call for art.

Selected Artists listed in no particular order. 

Pretend You Care About Your Mom Medium Mixed Media on Paper Size A3 (297mm x 420mm)

Featured Artist – Adam Plant

I am an Australian visual artist, musician, filmmaker and founder of the international arts & entertainment label EEZY SLEEZ. Though many of my artworks are based on a lowbrow surrealist aesthetics, I’m frequently drawn to themes such as mental illness, paranoia, mortality, self-hatred and body dysmorphia which are all portrayed through a morbidly satirical outlook. Recently, my works have become increasingly inspired by toxic characteristics found in modern-day society which I describe using the term “cultural protein”.

" CELEBRITY # 2 " from the series, ' Girls on Tour ( who haven't yet toured ).....' Medium Mixed Media ------ after creating her shape, I dressed " Celebrity #2 " in layers of mosaic, thinly rolled treated lead, glitter paint, diamante, found objects plus some inspiration..... Size Life Size

Featured Artist – Mista Fig

Considered an ‘outsider artist’, I express through sculpture, exploring my ideas using a variety of media.
Inspiration for my art, comes from dreams, myths, intuition and adventures.
My work is mainly figurative with root influences from what I experience—–the pain and pleasure of life.
I aim to create with passion and freedom, to tell a story through my work, of my life and the life of others.

Each sculpture is individual and an edition of one….

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