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Outsider Art Magazine Issue Two

Outsider Art Magazine | Art from the Outside | Issue Two

Outsider Art Magazine Issue two

Title The Man on the Bus Medium Mixed Media Assemblage, wet molded leather, antique objects Size 16"H x 10"W x 6"D

Featured Artist – Glynn Galloway

Glynn Gallowayis a self taught artist that has been described as an “oblique artist”; not parallel, not perpendicular, not outsider but definitely not mainstream. He creates unusual mixed-media, assemblage sculptures that are constructed primarily of antique objects he has collected from antique stores and markets from every region of the world. Glynn integrates these vintage items with wet-molded leather, stiffened fabrics and hammered metals to create extraordinary, free standing and wall mounted sculptures. His engaging fusion of period artifacts and new materials is achieved through the use of time-honored artisanal methods such as cuir bouilli and metalsmithing. The end results are distinctive sculptures imbued with an eccentric mix of the incomparable patina that nature has ingrained on the antique objects, the vibrant air brushed finishes he applies to his leather components and the stunning “flame painted” designs he sears into his copper elements.

Title My Life as a Boy Medium assemblage/collage Size 16" x 18" x 5"

Featured Artist – Gale Rothstein – Outsider Art Magazine

Gale Rothstein’s art practice has always been about ‘putting together the pieces’-as a child it was not unusual for her to take apart one thing to make another. Creating assemblage/collage sculptures provides her with unlimited opportunities for choice of materials through her penchant for collecting vintage objects, the harvested innards of discarded and broken appliances and hardware, and the amazing things found on the street.

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