Featured Artist | Karen Glykys

Karen Glykys Maidstone, Kent, UK http://www.zealous.co/karenglykys/portfolio @karenglykys I am a self taught, emerging, Mixed Media Artist. I started producing art and exhibiting professionally in 2017. Taking a brief hiatus in

Featured Artist | Arne Søvik Larsen

I am an autodidact photographer/artist from Norway. Born in 1961.

Work, lives in Os, Norway and Karby, Denmark.

All my works are in the square format.

I can find a motif in almost anything. I see myself more as an artist than a photographer. … Continue readingFeatured Artist | Arne Søvik Larsen

Featured Artist – Camilla Valkama

I am an entrepreneur, outsider-artist and freely thinking individual.

In my art I haven`t restricted my doing to anything specific. I act based on interest, intuition and inspiration. In my art you can see strongly my love for visual experiences, mystical world, diversity of life and unlimited joy.
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Featured Artist – Cory Graham

In rural Appalachia, where tradition reigns supreme, an emerging art and music scene has dared to challenge the outside notions of the region. Steeped in history, awash in natural beauty and with a culture rarely visible outside of the hills, this oft-forgotten region of America is carving out its place among the most culturally relevant to the 21st century. Among those seeking to change perspectives and bring new eyes to the rolling hills is Cory Graham. With no formal training, and only a passion to break down walls surrounding his community, Graham seeks to share views and moments not typically associated with rural America. Deeply political, often angry, and with a focus on progress at all costs, Cory Graham’s work shouts with the voices of forgotten Americans who demand to be heard.   … Continue readingFeatured Artist – Cory Graham

Featured Artist – Elizabeth Hermann

Featured Artist – Elizabeth Hermann … Continue readingFeatured Artist – Elizabeth Hermann

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